“I have to tell you about the difference I see in [my partner].His mood has shifted and he seems calmer and happier. He more like his “old” self. I think it is remarkable. It’s like a weight has been lifted. He’s even smiling more. Incredible.” ~ Names withheld for privacy, done somewhere in California (Session for her partner was done with his permission).

“Just wanted to pop in to tell you that I’m blown away by that session. I’ve felt several waves of emotions flow through me the past couple of days. So many synchronicities. New viewpoints popping into my head that I’ve been jotting down. I had to send you a quick message to say “thank you!” — name withheld for privacy purposes (US)

“ Wow, Barb. Thank you. I’ve read it multiple times so far (the first couple of times with tears) and all of it resonates for me. I’ve never had an experience like this before and I’m appreciating this work so much. You’re very gifted and I’m grateful to have connected with you. Thank you.” – name withheld for privacy purposes (US)

“Barb’s clearings have been fundamental in my moving out of a period of depression, overwhelm and anxiety that I couldn’t shift, and into one of passion and productivity. She is a very powerful healer and one of the very few people I will let into my energy field.” – T.H. United Kingdom

“Big shift in energy. I was in the car listening to podcasts on my way to a meeting, and when I came into the office I was so high with energy that one person said I scared her! I’m loud anyway, so laughed and tried to tone it down. I’m realizing that after being a self-help junkie for years that I still could not break through the thought that I’m unworthy. I have so much value and want to share so much, but hold back out of fear. I don’t feel that today. I’m on the journey of getting a certification in Life Coaching: I actually believ I can put myself out there and believe I can help people. I believe Barb got me here. So grateful!” – Amy Perez, NH, 2019. Now, 2022, Amy is an Energy Leadership Coach and adds, “The world needs you!”

“ I feel it! And I believe it was a big one for me as it’s something I have been cognitively aware of for some time. I think I’m ready to let go of feeling unworthy… so far the clearing feels graceful.” – A.D., Vermont

“I’m just stunned…not sure I can find another word for it. It’s astounding to me to think how much an emotion ( mine or inherited ) can cause such immense pains too, I’m just so grateful to you. And, since you have been clearing for me, my clairvoyance has improved greatly, thank you”. – Heather, New York

“Barb….thank you! I want share with you…I’ve been thinking and bringing my attention to my heart center, lately, and feeling tightness that comes and goes at times, and really turning in and asking what it needs… it was the bust out from behind my heart wall before you even did my reading! I know it was!!!! Loving this HARD. ALL OF THIS. Take your show on the road, Lady. Don’t wait! Because it’s actually waiting for you. Rock on!” – Beth Umba, Bethel, Vermont

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