Puffin Books/Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780140376159
Ages 8-12

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Back in Time with Thomas Edison Quiz
Also available as an audiobook


Dan Gutman’s first book for kids is a collection of baseball quotes and bloopers that recount the story of the 1912 dropped fly ball, Bill Buckner’s bungling of an easy grounder in the 1986 World Series, and the most famous mistake in baseball history.

Some ball players are remembered for their home runs and great plays—but imagine being famous for blowing the game. Offering play-by-play descriptions of the games, historical trivia, and lifetime statistics of key players, this book shows how life goes on even after the worst moments–and how a little mistake can sometimes make a very big difference. Is this a phonograph created by the famous inventor himself? Or is it something even more incredible — something that could take Qwerty right to Thomas Edison’s doorstep?


New York State Great Read

Nevada Young Readers’ Award Winner
Golden Sower Award Nominee (Nebraska)
Iowa Children’s Choice Award Nominee
Keystone to Reading Award Nominee (Pennsylvania)
Massachusetts Children’s Book Award Nominee
Sasquatch Award Nominee (Washington)
Volunteer State Book Award Nominee (Tennessee)

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