Michael Bates offers clairvoyant readings and healings, removing blocks that may cause a hinderance in your manifesting miracles.

Miracles are natural things. When you’re not getting your miracles, you have some energy blocks. Let Michael help you find those blocks and see what it takes to move them out so you can have your natural occurring miracles you were designed to have. Whether they are small or big.

Contact Michael to set up readings.  Michael can help you find answers regarding work, relationships, money, creativity and health. He clears the source of your blockages and conflicts to help you get your life moving in the right direction again.

All readings are by appointment. You can prepare questions in advance if you like. Please arrange to be in a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.

Readings are $200/hour (if readings go over, there is a charge of $100). Simply click the appropriate button below after your reading.

Call or text me today at (707) 481-7625  to arrange your reading.

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