The Golden Disc has 3 primary sub-systems that work together in transforming zero-point energy into bio-energy wavelengths.

  1. Accelerator: Responsible for the accumulation and structuring of incoming subtle (zero-point) energies.
  2. Tensor field ring-set: Sets the waveform structure for lower frequency bio-energy waveforms.
  3. Disc capacitor: Acts as both accumulator and transfer surface for bio-energy.

All the images used in this proposal are artistic renderings of the prototype.

The Golden Disc is based on an intimate knowledge of the relationship between the electrodynamics of DNA and platonic geometry. Tuned to the Earths subtle energy field the disc is approximately 6” in diameter. Incorporating structured magnetic fields the device is designed to capture subtle energy (light) and decelerate it into bio energy waveforms through a combination of specific geometries and materials. The following is a breakdown of the 3 primary sub-systems within the Golden Disc.


The image below reflects the geometric structure/antennae of DNA. Based on years of theoretical research, we have created a mapping of the electrodynamic signature of DNA. The GDisc will be based on these geometries. A 2-channel transformer, the primary antennae is tuned to super-luminal (primal conscious life force) while the secondary is tuned to sub-luminal (healing bio-frequencies).


Image 1

Our universe is fundamentally a tuned primary/secondary transformer whose emitter geometry converts primary source information into a secondary spherical platonic matrix. The first physical expression of the system is the photon, light. Riding the fine line of emergence, the photon at once represents the primary building block of matter and contains in its own structure all potential geometries of the physical world.

The dielectric emergence aperture, first proposed by Wilhelm Weber, constitutes a barrier at which electrodynamic charges will swap their relative attraction/repulsion for one another. An elusive concept at first, this crucial mechanism creates the conditions necessary for the conversion of the photon into ever more dense waveforms/particles. With an increase of energy from the primary, source charge pairs pass through the dielectric emergence aperture and reverse directions back along the primary axis in a toroidal trajectory along geometric pathways defined by platonic geometry.

Additional energy applied to this toroidal seed, a DC pulse system, creates increasingly complex Newtonian structures. We may consider the system similar to a 3D printer with the primary as software and the Newtonian secondary producing printed artifacts, the generation of the physical universe.

We have taken the helical structure of DNA and collapsed it into a spherical matrix we call the Accelerator. Incorporating geometries of both the primary and secondary elements of the DNA transformer (see image #1). This has allowed us to incorporate the helical logic of DNA into the spherical logic of a single vortex, a disc. Lying at the core of the disc, the Accelerator draws in zero-point energy and initializes a spin governed by structured magnetic fields that encourage the establishment of bio-energy waveforms.

Proprietary capacitors (energy storage cells) are incorporated into the gold leaf shaped panels expressed by the inherent DNA structure. Lying at the center of the disc the accelerator initiates the process of converting zero-point energy into bio-energy.


The ring-set provides a final step in the conversion of zero-point energies (light) into bio-energies (healing). A link between the Accelerator and the Disc capacitor, the rings provide a framework for the development of the vortex waveform.


The Disc Capacitor is a housing for the tensor ring set and the accelerator. In addition, it provides a means of transferring healing bio-energies to the user. The disc also provides a means of concentrating energy due to its double walled construction and proprietary materials.

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