I will tune into you remotely and identify and release 3 trapped emotions. This is a way to experience a little taste of what is possible. This option also works well as a little follow-up a week or two after larger clearings, to skim excess debris or other layers which may have shown up.

No narrative included with this option, although you will receive a list of emotions cleared and approximate age they were trapped.


I tune into remotely and see what patterns and/or trapped emotions are keeping you stuck. You may chose a specific area of socks, or choose an open-ended reading, in which I will ask to be shown what needs to be worked on for your Highest Good at this time.

I will then email you session notes, so that you will know what I observed and what was shifted.


You’re aware that you need some assistance with a variety of issues, or you understand that that one specific, deeply ingrained issue will take some time and care to unravel. The Deep Dive offers special pricing for a package of three sessions. They will be spaced at least two weeks apart, likely more. This is worked out on a case-by-case basis, based on my availability and what your system can handle.

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