Instructor Patricia Murino has been caring for and training dogs in the Bay Area since 2007 and is the owner of Woofgang Dogs. Leaning on the animal behavior theories of Positive Reinforcement, Patricia creates a fun and educative environment that provides owners with the tools they need to maintain consistency at home.

When evaluating behavioral issues, all aspects of a dog’s life are considered, such as: household environment, dog’s age, exercise, breed traits, and owner lifestyle. Each training plan is designed for each dog’s unique set of needs.

Training Services currently available:

Patricia understands that dog training requires compassion, consistency, and patience. She is passionate about the well-being of dogs and ensuring that both dogs and humans have a good training experience. You will learn:

  • Fundamental skills training, such as recall, sit, stay, and more.
  • Behavior modification, such as resource guarding and other behaviors.


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